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Our Commitment, from Farm to Plate

Where We've Come From

Over three decades, we've built and connected one of the largest networks of rice growers, ranging from small to large, with customers across all regions.

What We've Achieved

We've established ourselves as a market leader trusted by farmers, stakeholders, governments, industry groups and customers worldwide.

Where We're Going

Guided by our purpose to transform food and agriculture for a more food-secure and sustainable future, we collaborate closely with governments, customers, development agencies, and other stakeholders to build resilience and sustainable practices across the supply chain, from farm to plate.

Connecting Local Origins with Global Destinations

We're at the heart of global rice trade flows as a trusted partner, unlocking value for our customers and enabling farming communities to prosper worldwide.

  • india flag India


    Basmati, Parboiled, Long Grain White Rice


    Origination, milling, processing, packing, private labeling, sustainable certification.

  • india flag Thailand


    Long Grain White Rice, Parboiled, Hom Mali, Jasmine, Glutinous, Medium Grain, Brokens


    Origination, milling, processing, packing, private labeling, sustainable certification.

  • india flag Vietnam


    Jasmine, Parboiled, Long Grain White Rice, Short and Medium Grain, Glutinous


    Origination, milling, processing, packing, private labeling, sustainable certification.

  • india flag Myanmar


    Long Grain White Rice



  • india flag China


    Long Grain White Rice



  • india flag Pakistan


    Basmati, Long Grain White Rice



  • india flag USA


    Long Grain White Rice



  • india flagLatin America


    Long Grain White Rice



Our Vision, from Farm to Plate

Transform rice supply chains for a brighter future for farmers, consumers, nature and our climate.

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Reduce Carbon

In Thailand, our sustainable rice projects have led to an average 21% reduction in GHG emissions in rice farming.

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We use sustainability management system AtSource to measure our impact on key metrics from over 350 available ones across ten different topics. We also partner with organisations like IRRI in several regions to measure and verify our GHG emissions.

Nutrition & Food security

We are addressing malnutrition in Africa by fortifying our rice with vitamins and minerals, in many countries like Ghana being the first company to do so. Our aim is to deliver 1 trillion servings of fortified food to over 250 million people each day by 2030.

Improve Livelihoods

In Southeast Asia, we raised farmer incomes by 20% in Thailand and 17% in Vietnam, leading to a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of US$2.50 for every dollar invested. We were highly commended at the Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2023 in the social impact category for this work.

Optimise Water

In India, training and facilitating the use of techniques like Alternate Wetting and Drying have helped farmers reduce water usage by 15%, leading to a 20% reduction in production costs and a 30% increase in income.


We are collaborating with GIZ and UNEP to improve the rice supply chains in two provinces in Thailand with an aim to train 45,000 farmers, of which at least half women to reduce GHG emissions (3 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent per farmer).

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Empower Women

We collaborated with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on a sustainable rice project in India that provided opportunities to local women to address gender disparity in agriculture. The project now empowers women not only to reach out to farmers with the knowledge of sustainable farming, but to help them be part of the wider community and earn some money. These women are called Krishi-Sakhis, which translates to Farmer's Friends.

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Transparency & Traceability

In India, we have successfully implemented end-to-end digital traceability for rice in our sustainability programs, utilising third-party apps.

Regenerate Nature

We are collaborating with farmers to evaluate opportunities for regenerating nature, focusing on improving biodiversity, implementing crop rotation, afforestation, and biochar, among others.


Products by Categories and Origin

Our wide range of rice varieties is sourced from rice farmers, millers and third-party partners in all key origination markets. Backed by our strategically placed warehousing and distribution network, we ensure consistent delivery of high-quality products in multiple packaging options to our customers.

Long Grain White Rice

Across all major origins,
including South America

Short and Medium Grain



Vietnam CambodiaKDM
(Khao Dawk Mal)


India / Pakistan


Thailand / Vietnam Laos


Thailand / India

A Sustainable Process from Farm to Plate

We are committed to making rice supply chains more resilient and sustainable, ensuring a bright future. We are integrating processes to make rice farmers more successful, rice farming more resilient to environmental factors, and the entire supply chain more sustainable.


Sourcing Landscapes

We're committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aim to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

We actively protect ecosystems, biodiversity, watersheds, and forests in these regions.

Farms & Communities

We've invested in training programs that have benefited more than 50,000 smallholder farmers, helping them become more efficient in their use of inputs.

We work closely with farmers to implement sustainable practices on their farms.

Processing Facilities

Our processing and packing facilities maintain audited standards for labour, health & safety, cleanliness, efficiency, and the environment.

Our teams work directly with vessels to reduce discharge losses and speed up operations.

Customers & Consumers

We provide clean, polished grains, ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene in our produce.

We're proud to produce 1 trillion servings of fortified food, responsibly sourcing all our materials and services.


Discover Our Offering

As a single-stop solution, we provide a comprehensive range of services to guarantee
a smooth experience for our clients.

Emissions Management:

Latest AI and machine learning solutions to monitor GHG emissions Regulatory & disclosures.

Market Intelligence:

Fortnightly report with rich market insights and geopolitical developments that impact the rice industry.

Quality Assurance & Certification:

External audits and certification of safety, quality, sustainability and nutrition.

Contracting Flexibility:

Pricing options & positioning; risk management; chartering.


Rice fortification with nutrients and vitamins; high-fibre rice; low GI rice; flavoured rice; and packaging innovation.

Regulatory & Disclosures:

Tracking significant regulatory changes and disclosure requirements related to ESG factors across major markets and standards.

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